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What Patients Speak About Dr. Farooqui

Visited For Psychological Problems

“My experience with Farooqi sir was good and satisfactory. Before meeting him I was suffering from anxiety and abuse of alcohol and was totally dependent on medicines for me life was meaningless. I lost interest in life. When Farooqi sir started my treatment he tried to find out the root case of my problem. His counselling was above mark. The deep relaxation teached by him brings positive results for me. In all his treatment changed my life totally. Now I am living a happy life , my family is happy and finally I am enjoying a meaningful life and my dependence on medicines also gets ended. Am very thankful to Doctor Farooqi.”

Visited For Psychotherapy for Couples Depression Counselling

“I remember my day 1 visit in August 2018 – when i said Dr Farooqui, that doctor, this is the last try if this fails then i ll completely isolate myself forever. I was so fed up of everything.But today i m so Me! I found myself the way i was in college days – carefree and so productive! Happy, like a bubble of joy, ready to help all & to cheer up people around me. Thank you Doctor for saving my life, my marriage life & my husband, who loves me so much. I dont have any baggage of past life and i trust the process of life, I trust my husband. I am happy from my inner self i am content.MashaAllah! Thank you & i pray May Allah bless you and your family abundantly!”

Visited For Anxiety Disorder Counselling

“….. I started counseling with him for my issues 6 months ago, since then my severe depression has minimized and I have felt more energetic . I am very satisfied with Dr. Farooqui so much so that I am continuing my sessions remotely while I am traveling in the US as well. I would 100% recommend Dr. Farooqui to anyone who has issues similar to me.”

Visited For Psychotherapy Adult

“Hi He is very polite & Excilent listener.He give valuable suggests to me & i am noticing lot of improvement in my problems.Thanks to him.”

Visited for Relationship Counselling

“I had a breakup and I was very much depressed. I was completely lost. The only thing I did right at that time was to get in touch with a psychologist. I requested an appointment at Renova Care, Noida and to my luck I got appointment with Dr O.A. Farooqui. He understood my case and explained every detail of that to me. His friendly nature made me more comfortable in sharing with him and brought me back to life. I am grateful to him for such a friendly treatment.”

Visited For Anxiety Disorder Counselling

“I found Dr Farooqui a thorough professional. He is an experienced doctor and has really helped me in dealing with the symptoms. I particularly liked the approach with which he deals with uncomfortable issues”