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Five Common Myths related to Depression

By Dr. Ananya Choudhury

January 28, 2019

Myth: Depression only happens to people who are weak and do not have a strong mind. Reality:Depression in a disease arising from imbalance in the neurotransmitters in the brain and has nothing to do with weak mind.

Myth:Depression only happens when there are lot of stressful situations in your life. Reality:Depression is not always preceded by stressful situations in fact many people may have a very stable and uneventful life prior to its onset.

Myth:People can snap out of Depression. They just need to think positively and engage in positive activities and do yoga to recover. Reality: Engaging in yoga and positive lifestyle is useful for everyone but once there is an illness its needs treatment and people cannot just snap out of it.

Myth: Depression is an illness found only in rich/ affluent people. Reality:Depression affects people of all ages, gender, caste, creed and socio economic stratas.

Myth:Once you start medication for depression you will become dependent on them and will never be able to leave them. Reality: Medication given for depression are not dependence producing and they are tapered off once the patient is well.

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